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February in New York: what to see and what to do. Cues, tips and suggestions to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day

February in New York. It is considered by many people one of the less “popular” periods to enjoy at the best the city, certainly due to […]

Museums in New York: what not to miss, prices and days with free admission

Museums in New York, an endless list. It’s difficult, almost impossible to be able to list all of them, considering the tendency by which new installations […]

What to see in New York: discover the Bronx. Considerations, legs, cues and practical info

What about some original and unusual cues about what to visit in New York? Don’t be afraid to abandon for a bit the most famous and […]

Unusual New York, what to see in Lower Manhattan

“New York has existed for me simultaneously as a map to be learned and a place to aspire to, a city of things and a city […]

What to see in New York: a day in Williamsburg. Itinerary, cues and tips

Every time I am asked about what to see in New York besides Manhattan and the usual unforgettable attractions of the so-called “first time”, my thought […]

What to see in Brooklyn: a short itinerary (and some tips) to discover the trendiest borough of New York

The question – by email, social chat or even by message – is always the same: what to see in Brooklyn in one day, to optimize […]

What to see in New York: go up to the One World Observatory. Info, tips and impressions

It’s there, finished at last. On of the most important places – for me – to see in New York. It’s ready to fill (at least […]

NY Transit Museum, the charm of the old New York

The Brooklyn Bridge, a yellow taxi speeding along the 5th Ave leaving behind itself a trail of blurred colors, the Statue of Liberty standing out on […]

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