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Travel Writer, USA Specialist & Web Content Editor


Born in Naples, originally from Piemonte, married in Romagna.

Classical studies with an innate passion for history, literature, art and exploration fueled over the years by the study of archeology.

On Mississippi river... Hannibal, Missouri

On Mississippi river… Hannibal, Missouri

More than 80 countries crossed in the world with a focus on the United States of America, where i regularly go many times in a year (for more than 25 years) and in which I have made almost 60 trips and many on the road, with 49 states and 70 cities visited.

Two beloved parents, tireless “vagabonds”, that the world rather than explain it preferred to show me since childhood first in camper through Europe and then by all means possible to destinations increasingly distant and singular.

About the first trips i don’t remember much, maybe some pictures and perfumes remained etched in my senses, but that feeling of happiness and absolute freedom, that only this type of move can give, has grown with me becoming a decisive and essential factor in my life choices and travel.

A husband, precious and irreplaceable, that supports me (or perhaps I should say bears …) in all the aspects of the organization and management of our trips with an unusual constancy and devotion… it turns into a very skilled photographer, if necessary.

 Tien An Men, Beijing

Tien An Men, Beijing

I love taking care of every details of my travels, whether they are long or short weekend tours, to be able to offer more space to the exploration of places and tourist facilities (museums, public and private agencies, etc..).

A blog, Simona Sacri Travel Writer, born in October 2012, that brings together my biggest interests.

The trips, in the history, in the nature, in the traditions and culture of the places visited and ethnic groups encountered and the writing needed to empty myself of accumulated emotions through the world

A personal diary born from the experience of a single independent traveler, became in time a collection, emotional and informative, of stories, tips, itineraries, photos and video.

Today – listed among the leading US experts in Italy – I work mainly to promote tourism towards the United States and several destinations in the world.

I collaborate with many local authorities, intercontinental flights text, narrative small and large American reality, European and Italian.

I write texts for online publications, I collaborate with tour operators and travel agencies, I take care of the Podcast USA on the road, the first one in Italy for USA, and a weekly radio rubric dedicated to travel in the United States, and also I take part in events on tourism background in trade shows and themed evenings in which I speak to “inspire destinations”.

In 2016, in 2018, in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 I won the Media Award for the promotion of Italian tourism to the US and September 2016 I was nominated (as the first and only blogger and travel writer) Honorary Member of the Visit USA Italy.

In 2021 –  the year of forced stop due to Covid-19 – I created, in collaboration with the Tour Operator Antesignum Tours, the first Italian day tour dedicated to the “Native Americans who freed Italy“. A unique and original territorial promotion project that immediately attracted considerable interest and great participation.

Again in 2021, and throughout 2022, in collaboration with Destination Florence, I began to create ongoing monthly content for the promotion of Florence and its surroundings.

Since Spring 2022 I have been editor and writer of Going.it Magazine for the United States and Canada.

In 2022 I became a Member of the Italian Delegation for International Pow Wow – IPW 2022, Orlando, Florida.



Here you can find all of my interviews, quotes received from major publications dedicated to tourism and all my work on the Web, in video and on television. And here you can find my Media Kit.


Ahu Akivi, Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Ahu Akivi, Rapa Nui, Easter Island


I’m Curious, perfectionist and organizer, ask me some travel tips and i give you a route, always ready to get lost in original and alternative locations, in the journey as in the life.

Enjoy my travel experiences!



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