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Itineraries in New York: unusual tour discovering Forest Hills, Queens. The “garden city” of the US Open, Simon & Garfunkel, John Lennon and Spiderman

When we talk about paths and itineraries in New York we almost always think about one or a half day tours on foot from Upper Manhattan […]

First time in New York: 10 tips, paths and locations to see and enjoy (in few days) the best of the Big Apple

First time in New York. A great emotion, many expectations and an imprecise number of doubts and uncertainties about things to do and about time – […]

Halloween in New York: 5 events – parties and parades – not to miss. Info and useful tips to enjoy the craziest night of the year to the best

Halloween in New York. An experience to do at least once in life. Because if already spending the night between October 31st and November 1st in […]

Enjoy New York low cost: 10 cues, suggestions and tips (according to my direct experience) to visit NY saving everything is possible

Is it really possible to enjoy New York low cost? And by the expression “low-cost” I don’t mean the online offers or the last minute ones […]

Eating in New York: my 5 (+ one) favourite restaurants and diners. Those ones not to miss to eat “like a local”

It’s not easy to offer useful tips about where (or what) eating in New York. Savors, tastes and the typologies of the very numerous and variegate traditional […]

Visit Ellis Island: discover the Museum of Immigration in New York through its history, its characters and the old graffiti

Visit Ellis Island is extremely simple. The web is full of detailed tips and suggestions about how to plan and handle the paths at the best, […]

What to do in New York: (again) 7 unusual paths and locations to discover a more authentic and suggestive NY

It’s not easy to wriggle out of the info’s quantity on the web about what to do in New York, unusual and original. Always more often downright […]

New York, 5 definitely unusual locations (and paths)

New York City. A labyrinth of roads, smells, accents, sounds, a magic hat which in turn characters, stories, places, paths you didn’t know they existed come […]

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