Visit Dallas at the Triennale, Milan. Tips to visit it

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Visit Dallas, dallas Convention Center & Visit Bureau

Visit Dallas, dallas Convention Center & Visit Bureau

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Is not a mystery that i’m passionate about travels in the US, as is quite obvious, judging by the amount of post about it on my blog, that Texas, after three trips made and another being prepared, is one of US States that i prefer.

People genuine and practice, immense spaces, big cities and the old story of West that always fascinates and attracts millions of visitors who come each year in the United States only to take a trip in the amazing and fascinating Texas.

Visit Dallas, dallas Convention Center & Visit Bureau

Visit Dallas, dallas Convention Center & Visit Bureau

A great pleasure and honor for me participating as travel blogger specialized on US destinations at the event The city of Dallas at the Triennale in Milan, organized by Martinengo & Partners Communication to introduce and tell to the professionals and specialists in the travel industry, the city of Dallas through the words of Phillip J. Jones and Mark Thompson, President and Vice President of the Dallas Convention Center & Visitors Bureau, Visit Dallas.



Big things happen here and Dallas is Big are the two expressions that took me from my first visit in the city until the event of the Triennale in Milan.

I do not think there are two phrases that explain better the essence of this city.


Dallas is big in every way.

Dallas is Big

Not only skyscrapers, oil and Longhorn herds (that alone already deserve a visit, if only to understand the dynamics and the surprising interaction) but also museums, culture and important exhibition spaces, the city has the largest Art District of the United States, sports, its metropolitan area has five professional sports leagues including the legendary Dallas Cowboys.

Hospitality, 70,000 hotel rooms of various categories, catering (you will not think that in this city you eat only tex-Mex..), an award-winning cuisine proposed by the best chefs in the nation, shopping, one of the richest commercial areas of the south-west, cinema and TV, the largest television production center in Texas is located here along with the Dallas Film Commission.

Dallas Skyline

Dallas Skyline


Why visit it?

For its reach out to the future, for its bond to the origins, proud Texan, beside the Stars and stripes flag there is always that of the Lone Star which commemorates the birth of the Republic of Texas in 1800, and for its social and cultural life.

The Lone Star Flag is everywhere in Dallas

The Lone Star Flag is everywhere in Dallas


What you must see, my own experience

The West End Historic District, the oldest part of the city, old warehouses and buildings in red brick revitalized and re-used as exhibition spaces and places of entertainment.

The West End Historic District

 The Sixth Floor Museum, a permanent exhibition on the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, built in the exact place where in November 22, 1963, Lee Oswald shot to the President.

The Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum

The Dallas Museum of Art, a full and varied range of collections that cover the entire history of art, from Native American (Maya and Inca included), the European artistic evolution until arriving american art dedicated to the Far West .

The Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art

The Fair Park, an exhibition area of about 100 hectares, home of the annual Texas State Fair with an Aquarium, a Natural History Museum and a African American History.

The Deep Ellum, another historic area of Dallas famous in the days of Prohibition for many speakeasy, the premises for illegal dealing of alcohol. Today is a fashionable area with shops, bars and night clubs where you can listen a good jazz.

The Thanks-Giving Square and Museum, a real gem, an entire square with museum dedicated to the history and origins of Thanksgiving.

The Pioneer Plaza, a beautiful park in the Convention Center District, close to Down Town, which includes the Old Pioneer Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in the city dating back to the Civil War and the impressive life-size sculpture of an entire herd of Longhorn, with 49 head of cattle and three cowboys.

The Reunion Tower, an impressive building of fifty floors overlooking the entire city. On the top you reach a geodesic sphere that includes a restaurant, a bar and a scenic area. The show at sunset is guaranteed.

Not including, if not you had enough, that about 30 km there is Fort Worth, the undisputed capital of the Stockyards for auctions of livestock that still take place in some days of the week.

So… enjoy Dallas and all its Big Things!

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