A journey through Le Marche: interview with Nadia Stacchiotti, DOC natives of Le Marche, author of the book (and blog) “Racconti di Marche”

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A journey through Le Marche: interview with Nadia Stacchiotti, DOC natives of Le Marche, author of the book (and blog) “Racconti di Marche”

A journey through Le Marche: Tales of Le Marche, the book

In Italian

A journey through Le Marche.

Experiences, paths and emotions as a whole.

A region where I often find myself – for work, but also for pleasure since it’s just a stone’s throw from home – and that I’ve learnt to discover and love little by little, thanks to the tips and suggestions received by a colleague, a blogger, Nadia Stacchiotti – Racconti di Marche, the blog –  then over time become a dear friend.

Nadia is a DOC natives of Le Marche, deeply in love with her land and determined to make it know to the national and international public not only through the pages of her famous blog by now, but also through a book that by an ironic, light and captivating way tells about Le Marche among unusual places, itineraries, curious issues and sights timeless.

After have read it and definitely appreciated it, I’ve decided to talk about it here, through an interview with its author.

In order to make you know something more about this wonderful region and maybe – who knows – inspire you new paths for your next journey to Le Marche.

A journey through Le Marche: Tales of Le Marche, the book

1 – Tell me about you. Where was your great passion for this very beautiful region born from? What were the reasons which pushed you to dedicate to the journey through Le Marche a good part of your online ad offline activity?

I live in the province, in a small village from where you can see the Conero and the sea, but also Monti Sibillini.

Before the web and the social networks invaded forcefully our lives, I loved to go around the villages, discover the little museums, open the doors of unknown churches and take photographs. That wandering through the less tourist parts of Le Marche made me feel travelling, even if I was at home.

With the arrival of the blogs it was normal to me telling about those places and make them know to a widener public, give them a new and different visibility. Then with the social networks what was simply a hobby became a structured and important project which takes much of my free time.

2 – From the blog to the book. When and why did you decide to write “Tales of Le Marche”?

The idea had been in my mind since a while: on the blog I had a column dedicated to the rankings of Le Marche which was successful. So, one night during the presentation of a book published by my friend Simone Giaconi I launched the idea and few weeks later the project got realised and I started to travel again throughout Le Marche to collect the material.

A journey through Le Marche: Nadia Stacchiotti, author of “Tales of Le Marche”

3 – “10 rankings, 100 ideas to discover this region in an unusual way. Besides really many photos and a lot of curious issues.” You introduce your book like that. Can you tell us something more?

The book includes 10 particular rankings (squares, churches, stairs, food, each of them with a particular and precise key of reading) telling about the region differently and contributing a lot to inspire a journey through Le Marche.

A little literary loophole covering the region from the North to the South, passing through tales and curious issues which I hope stimulate the reader to go and discover the places in the book.

4 – Why to purchase “Tales of Le Marche”? What do you think its strength points are?

Because it is not a guidebook, but it’s an intense travel tale through Le Marche.

A sort of friend who takes your hand and makes you discover lightly and through the force of the pictures the sights hidden.

And what about the cover? It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?

A journey through Le Marche: Tales of Le Marche, the book

5 – Can you tell me your 3 favourite places, places which shouldn’t miss in a journey to Le Marche?

Of course!

Elcito is absolutely a special place. A small stone village set on a mountain spur in the municipality of San Severino Marche.

A magic village at the feet of Monte San Vicino which has an enchanted wood little far: the beech wood of Canfaito.

The second place is a small museum of my town – Filottrano – dedicated to what has done the history of Le Marche: the Museum of Biroccio, the farm decorated cart, which tells a lot about my region.

The Museum is located in the kitchens of a noble palace of the old town and it offers a very interesting cross-section of farm and métayer life between late 1800s and the first half of the 1900s, besides really many examples of birocci.

A journey through Le Marche: Elcito – photo by Nadia Stacchiotti

6 – Where is it possible to buy “Tales of Le Marche” and where can we keep following you through Le Marche and the world?

The book “Tales of Le Marche” is published by a small independent publishing house of the Region: Giaconi Editore.

You can find it in several bookstores in the main towns of Le Marche: Ancona, Macerata, Civitanova Marche, Senigallia, Tolentino, Ascoli Piceno – “Tales of Le Marche. 10 Rankings, 100 ideas to discover this region in an unusual way” – or directly on the publisher website.

Or you can purchase it directly during the several presentations I do around the region. To get info about it, it’s enough to follow my Facebook page.

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