To Tokyo with Lufthansa and ANA, report, tips and impressions

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October 28, 2016
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To Tokyo with Lufthansa and ANA, report, tips and impressions

ANA Lounge, Tokyo

In Italian

Flying with Lufthansa & ANA – All Nippon Airways.

An ambitious and stimulating project, 6 days to make it concrete, two (more than comfortable, I’d add) intercontinental flights to enjoy and tell strictly live and the nice re-discover of one among the two greatest, original and surprising Eastern capitals I’ve ever visited.

My experience in Tokyo, in collaboration with two among the most important international airline companies, Lufthansa and ANA – All Nippon Airways, furthermore supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tourist Board, can be sum up like that.

On the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest point, 634meters

As regular and fond traveller – even before a travel blogger – I’ve always thought that the best way to enjoy to the top the furthest and different destinations was to prefer for the long intercontinental flights those airline companies which guaranteed a certain flight and relax quality on board. All this, often and however, without spending necessarily exaggerated amounts.

That’s why, at the light of my decennial experience with Lufthansa, I accepted with enthusiasm to live personally and tell – before live and then through the virtual pages of this blog – the new Premium Economy Class of the German Company and its partner working well together in this adventure, the All Nippon Airways (ANA).

A new travel class, halfway between Economy and Business Class, created on purpose to guarantee a major comfort flying, with more extras and included services, both on the ground and flying.

Lufthansa Business Lounge, Frankfurt

ANA Lounge, Tokyo

The Lufthansa Premium Economy Class, details and impressions

  • Even 11 hours and 15 minutes flight to reach the Tokyo Haneda Airport from Frankfurt. What are the advantages of the Lufthansa Premium Economy Class?
  • The possibility to send free two 23kg parcels and to gain access while waiting for the flight (at definitely affordable amounts) to the Business Lounge LH and to the Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt.
  • A special welcome on board with welcome drink
  • More personal space, to work or relax, about 50% more compared to the Economy. With a new seat with individual arm rest, foldaway little table, adjustable backrest and very comfortable footrest
  • A major entertainment on board thanks to a 12inches screen with remote control and touch screen, with earphones and USB door included (to connect and recharge all the electronic devices) and with a wide choice of films and TV programs (also in Italian) and the option to follow live in 3D – with detailed info – the several phases of the flight
  • The possibility to choose the menu in advance and calmly and to taste it in china dishes realized exclusively for the Premium Economy
  • A major attention to the details, water bottles in the glove box and mini-case with comfortable accessories for the travel

Lufthansa, Premium Economy

What’s my personal impression?

A really nice and relaxing experience that, combined as always with the kindness and helpfulness of the staff onboard, I truly recommend.

The difference in comparison with the Economy there is and you can see it. In the details and above all – an important thing – in the possibility to be able to really rest, thanks to the very comfortable extensible seats.

Lunch in Premium Economy Lufthansa

Having a look around the details of the complete offer on the Lufthansa website in the section dedicated specifically to the Premium Economy, furthermore I found out that the Miles and More card holders can take advantage of specific advantages and upgrades from Economy to Premium Class.

Furthermore, it’s possible to take part into a sort of online auction – in case you already have got an Economy ticket – to get a last minute upgrade. Click here to find further details and info about it.

The stay in Tokyo

Mine, it was a return, definitely surprising.

Asakusa, Senso-Ji

I had already had the chance to appreciate the Japanese capital for its originality and the particular ability to maintain a prefect balance between its rich and charming past and the continuous projecting towards the most futuristic future.

This time, also thanks to the support and the indications which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tourist Board gave me, I had the chance to enter even more the culture, the history and the technology of a lively, curious, oddly, sunny despite the rain season, and definitely captivating Tokyo.

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower

As I wrote then at the moment on my Facebook page during the return flight…

“I think about the bright colours of the old holy temples contrasting with the steel and the crystal of the new skyscrapers, about the gong vibrating at the solemn moment and about the noises and the sounds of one among the busiest cities in the world.

I think about the traditions, the culture (jealously preserved) and about a shocking stop-motion (at least, according to me) of the Maid Café’s doll-girls and of the Takeshita Street’s young people. And then (almost as a reaction) I think about the hands, the faces and the hard work of men (and women) of the Tsukiji fish market.

I think about the fashion shops and the Ginza and Omotesando movida and immediately after about the peace and calm of a Ueno neighbourhood where the houses, the elders’ faces and the little streets full of workshops tell me about a Tokyo of once.

Many contrasts, unique places and emotions…and I’m dying – right now while I’m flying home – to come back soon.”

Tokyo, walking through The Tsukiji market area

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) Premium Economy Class, details and impressions

Even 12 hours flight from the Tokyo-Haneda airport as far as the Munich one and an airline company I had never tried before, but I often heard mention about the quality of the services offered.

ANA Lounge, Tokyo

What are the advantages of the new ANA Premium Economy Class?

  • Priority check-in (and luggage collection at the arrival), two 23kg each hold parcels each and the possibility – definitely precious – to use freely the comfortable airport Lounge in Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda.
  • More space on board with a wide reclining seat with adjustable lumber support, leg rest, footrest and headrest, armrest with foldaway little table, adaptable personal light, PC soaks and USB door for the electronic devices and a wide glove box pocket. And even a further relax in the resting hours granted by the really new portholes
  • Further entertainment on board thanks to a 10.6inches touch screen monitor with remote control, 351 channels, an important number of films and the possibility to follow the flight status in 3D with more detailed info.
  • More taste thanks to a menu studied carefully with a choice of international and Japanese specialties, sweet things and liquors
  • A very good help on board with the non-stop offer of food, drinks and the necessary to make the flight the most comfortable possible

Premium Economy ANA, details

  • What is my personal impression?
  • A very good service as on the ground as on board, increased by the chance to stay freely in the futuristic Airport Lounge of the company, a great strength point.
  • The seats are definitely comfortable and the extension of the back and the leg rest of the Premium allows really to sleep by a comfortable way.
  • And also a particular attention for the psychic-physical wellness travelling, definitely in the line with the oriental philosophy, which has nicely surprised me.
  • The B787 Dreamleaner used are made of carbon fibre and thanks to the less pressurization when flying they ease the negative effects (dryness of skin, leg swelling, et cetera) of a long intercontinental flight.

Flying with ANA, All Nippon Airways

On the whole, an experience definitely positive to which the numerous offers the company often gives in the online booking of the flight routes are added.

My report and my impressions come to an end here.

Now, it’s your turn…are you ready to fly in #PremiumEconomy?

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