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Rila Monastery
From Sofia to Rila Monastery, short route in Bulgaria
January 10, 2015
Inside the White Horse Tavern
New York City ghost tour
January 13, 2015
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The Rila Monastery, details

The Rila Monastery, details

In Italian

Eastern Europe leaves its mark, no story.

The Rila Monastery, details

The Rila Monastery, details

Two days in Bulgaria and the feeling, for nothing new, of being in a geographical limbo in which the history, rich, fascinating, sometimes mocking, dips into a big bin made of cultures, ethnicities, traditions, religions so different to arrive even to clash, yet almost always surprisingly and inexplicably communicating.

The Rila Monastery

Simeon tell me the story of Rila Monastery

A special night, the last of the year, and one intense day, the next, would seem (and actually are) few but, really, they tell much.

They speak of faces seemingly serene and sad looks, of sudden kindness and great mistrust, of small villages and large and crowded shopping malls, of suburbs degraded and historical centers from haunting beauty.

Of domes, minarets and bell towers that vie a piece of heaven with lugubrious (sad, gray ..) and anonymous barracks, of deep spirituality, intense and real that is manifested in the most unexpected and tricks to survive that make more and more often “the whole herb, a bundle”, as we italians usually say.

In the middle, the life flowing, habits, expectations that become certainties, the meetings, the flavors, the spectacle of a rich and generous nature and the places that instinctively incite reflection.

The impressions, as often happens for some destinations, are strong and contrasting.

Look, curious, at the rest of the story.



  1. anna says:

    wow adesso scrivi anche in inglese, forte!
    Vorrei commentarti in inglese ma non sono sicura si scrivere bene scusa

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