What to see in Mississippi: itinerary, stages and tips

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October 10, 2019
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What to see in Mississippi: itinerary, stages and tips

What to see in Mississippi: Gateway to The Blues Visitor Center & Museum Tunica

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What to see in Mississippi and – above all – why deciding to put the tour inside a wider on the road dedicated to the discovery of the “old” South States of the United States of America?

For its history – captivating and complex at the same time – for the cotton plantations, the battlefields of the Civil War and some among the most moving itineraries dedicated to the Civil Rights.

For sailing along the Mississippi River between a breathtaking sunset and the tour of the small and ancient berths along the path, for the (re)discovery of the real and great music made in USA – the Blues was geographically born here, like a good part of the most popular American music genres, and for setting out on a downright gastronomic journey among savors, excesses and smells of the culinary traditions of the Old Deep South.

What to see in Mississippi: Gateway to The Blues Visitor Center & Museum Tunica

For driving some of the most suggestive historic roads of the country and discover the movie and literary locations of many masterpieces of the American filmography literature.

To discover – together with Mississippi – again another beautiful, complicated and exciting piece of America.

What to see in Mississippi: Clarksdale

What to see in Mississippi: history and curious issues

The Birthplace of America’s Music – this is the nickname of Mississippi you’ll find also on the plates – known also as Magnolia State because of the abundant presence of this type of plant on this land, or also as The South’s Warmest Welcome, for the innate welcome and hospitality, is one of the most fascinating and complex states at the same time of the Southern USA.

Its history is strictly tied to the Louisiana one (French colony first and Spanish then, at last become State of the Union in the early 1800s in all respects), to one of the most ferocious and bloody battles of the Civil War – the Vicksburg one – and sadly tied to the most dramatic episodes of the racial segregation – tacitly endorsed by the Governor of the State of Mississippi, the terrible and feared “tory” Ross Barnett, during Kennedy administration – tied to the long and painful deeds of the Civil Right Movement.

A journey to the USA of the Civil Rights: Smith Robertson Museum

A journey to the USA of the Civil Rights: the racial segregation in the 1950s and 1960s Mississippi

Today it is still strictly tied to its southern traditions – so that it has still in its flag the confederated cross – to the big river of America it was named after – the Mississippi River – to the memory of the big cotton and cane plantations (many of them can be visited still today). And, of course, to the places where some among the most important global music genres were born – Blues, first of all.

Itineraries in Mississippi: Longwood Plantation

What to see in Mississippi: itinerary, stages and historic roads

Find down here my itinerary about what to see in Mississippi, divided into areas, distance in kilometers, stages and historic roads crossed, besides useful deepener links to specific posts about the several destinations, of course.

Keep in mind that a such itinerary fits very well with a wider on the road, like the one from Chicago as far as New Orleans (throughout Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana) or that one among the Travel South USA states (mainly Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana).

Reckon at least 5 days to visit everything peacefully, not less than 3 if you have short time in your hands. It would be a real shame going through this state without discovering at least its most iconic and captivating locations.

A journey to Mississippi: where the Blues Hwy 61 and the Great River Road meet

What to see in Mississippi: from Natchez as far as Jackson – 200 km

200km of history, ancient plantations, antebellum dwellings, old highways intersecting, paths and amazing natural reservations tied to the Native Indians and famous battlefields of the American Civil War.

An intense and exciting paths – that can be easily done both ways – from Natchez as far as its capital Jackson, through even three historic roads: the Great River Road, the Natchez Trace Parkway and the Blues Hwy 61.

These are the stops:

  • Natchez
  • Emerald Mound
  • Windsor Ruins and Port Gibson
  • Vicksburg and Vicksburg National Military Park
  • The Onward Store – short detour northwards to discover the place where the real story of President Theodore Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear was born. Click here to learn more.
  • Jackson

Here you can find the post about all the itinerary, here the post about The Help Movie Locations.

Itineraries in Mississippi: the wonderful dwellings of Natchez

Itineraries in Mississippi: Natchez, antiques

Itineraries in Mississippi: the Vicksburg National Military Park

A journey to the USA of the Civil Rights: Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi on the road: Whittington Farm, the garden in the real life

Jackson, Mayflower Cafè

What to see in Mississippi: from Jackson as far as Clarksdale (Tunica) – 350km

From Jackson as far as the heart of Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale, 2 days to discover the locations of the Blues and its most important artists, without forget to have at least a photographic stop at the real gate of the Blues Hwy 61 in Mississippi – the Gateway to the Blues Visitor Center & Museum in Tunica – above all if you are going to or coming from the near Tennessee.

These are the stops:

  • Greenville
  • Indianola and B.B. King Museum
  • Leland and Blues Hwy 61 Museum
  • Cleveland and Grammy Museum
  • Clarksdale and Tunica

Find here the report with the complete itinerary, the descriptions stage by stage and a series of useful tips to optimize times and tours.

Blues Hwy 61 Museum, Leland

Journey to Mississippi Delta, along the Blues Hwy 61

Journey to Mississippi Delta, Delta Blues Museum

Journey to Mississippi Delta, eating fried green tomatoes at Ground Zero Blues Club

What to see in Mississippi: from Clarksdale far as Tupelo – 190km

From Clarksdale as far as Tupelo, birthplace of the undisputed king of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley.

A short trip, one day and two nights to visit Oxford, the mythical Ole Miss – University of Mississippi – and Rowan Oak, the house of one of the greatest writers of the South – William Faulkner, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949 and Pulitzer Prize in 1954.

Discovering Oxford together with William Faulkner

Discovering Oxford: the Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi

Discovering Oxford: the Courthouse Square

Things to do in Mississippi: Elvis Presley Birthplace

Things to do in Mississippi: the Natchez Trace Parkway

Mississippi not to miss: Natchez Trace Parkway

Then reach Tupelo and the Elvis Presley birthplace through a trait of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway – an ancient Indian path.

Click on the stages to read the complete itinerary and the detailed guidebooks about what to do and what to see:


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