SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, told by a travel blogger

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SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, told by a travel blogger


SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, here i'm!!

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Professionalism, commitment and passion.

I guess there are no better word to describe SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, held in Pisa in the beautiful location at the Abitalia Tower Plaza on 2/3 March.



What I’m talking about?

The only annual event, now in its 18th edition, organized by the US Commercial Service and Visit USA Italy, dedicated exclusively to the promotion of the tourism market of the US and to the Italian professionals specialize in this destination, which remains the absolute favorite by Italians, in fact it is estimated that in 2015 the Italian presence in the US will exceed one million.

Two intense days, full of meetings, discussions, ideas and projects.

Try to imagine the United States of America (through their local authorities and the various specialized companies connected) that in almost all of them, arrive in Italy to present and advertise himself to the Italian public, without a doubt something of special and unique.


Be local, buy local, eat local.

The theme of this year is clear and effective.

Being able to tell and induce you to visit the US through their rich multiculturalism, traditions, customs, everyday life, people, history (short course, 300 years or so, but impressively intense and full of twists ) and varied cuisine (dispelling the myth that in the United States you must always eat bad) … as a local!


SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, meetings

Not only large cities and national parks famous all over the world but especially new (for the Italian public course) and surprising locations and unusual itineraries. Some examples?

Have you ever thought to take a road trip across Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota following the traces of the ancient tribes of Native Americans? Would you like to discover the origins of Blues, Rock and Jazz in an exciting journey from Illinois to Louisiana? And what about New England, do you know its rich and fascinating history? The states that compose it? The parks, cities and local production? And its amazing Indian Summer, better known as Foliage?

Would you start the discovery of the old South, its historic residences, the growing of cotton and indigo, his literary epic? Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina offer unforgettable experiences.

And then California, to find out what you can see beyond his legendary Los Angeles and San Francisco … beginning with San Diego, passing by the old Spanish missions, the Mexican pueblos, small beach towns, vineyards and the spectacular Higway 1, better known as State Route 1, an on the road along the line of the west coast that i recommend doing at least once in life.


SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, so many destinations and unusual locations!


SHOWCASE USA-Italy told by a travel blogger.

An event that was attended by a part, from the official tourism organizations, hotels, companies specializing in a wide range of products related to the destination and by the other part, from tour operators, travel agents, journalists and this year, thanks to the innovative leadership of President of Visit USA Italy, Dr. Olga Mazzoni, with my great pleasure and honor, also travel bloggers.


SHOWCASE USA-Italy 2015, here i’m!!

SHOWCASE USA-Italy for me, travel blogger passionate and specialized in US destinations, has been a great opportunity.. for growth, professional enrichment, new ideas, projects and important awareness.

Being in contact with special people who have turned the love and passion for a country in a successful job, listen, confront and realize that there is still so much to learn and find the incentive to continue on this path with an interest growing.

An example?
The captivating presentation, in the second day of SHOWCASE USA-Italy, made by Dr. Olga Mazzoni about the New England and specifically about the state of Massachusetts.

A path that through passionate words and images become already a journey across the history, traditions, attractions, places unusual, gastronomy, everyday life of one of the most beautiful regions of the US .

The storytelling, the emotion of the story, the capacity to evoke, the sureness that comes from the deep knowledge and an inevitable final reflection..

How can make a difference telling a destination not only with professionalism but also with the passion and the love for a place?

This is that i mean when i say to inspire a destination, this is what more than anything else, today, should be able to do a travel blogger!

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