What to see in Boston: 5 experience to do (and taste)

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November 18, 2015
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Boston is undoubtedly one of the oldest, finest and most lively cities on the East Coast.

It is strictly connected to its rich past (it’s the place where the US were born, literally), and at the same time it is up to date with the most recent technology, in whatever field and with an incomparable success.

Boston is like an old, sophisticated and charming lady: beautiful, full of opportunities, educated and progressive (in its most accurate meaning).


What to see in Boston: waiting for the City Water Taxi, sunset on Boston

In a long and detailed post (you can read it by clicking here), I had already written about what to see and which itineraries to follow if you don’t want to miss the best attractions; in other words, what to see in Boston’s top ten.

This time, because of my umpteenth and amazing visit of the city (a road trip throughout south New England) and thanks to precious hints from Visit Massachussetts, the local tourist board, I want to show you a series of unique experiences (5, to be precise) which I lived myself and that I think will make your stay in town even more pleasant and amazing.


Boston, the Old State House, one of the symbols of the city

Would you have ever imagined reaching the city by sea coming from the airport, admiring unique and precious views? Or to eat a delicious lobster with not even 20 dollars? To walk up and ancient and precious tower that has always been closed to public? To be a Senator of the USA for a day, or again to discover the background and secrets of one of the most important universities of America?

Go on and read my tips, what to see in Boston in 5 experience, choose the ones you like the most (why not, even all of them) and add them to your next itinerary; you won’t regret it.

Taking the City Water taxi from Logan Airport to Downtown Boston

If you are thinking to arrive in Boston by air, you will have the possibility to choose to get to the centre “via sea”, directly from Edward Lawrence Logan Airport. It is an unusual way that will give you not only a favored access to downtown but also a spectacular view of the city.


Arriving in town with the City Water Taxi

Once you come out from baggage claim you will just have to follow indications for Shuttle n.66 (it is free) which can also take you to the first subway stop, and it will take you to the City Water Taxi.

When you get to the pier (the shuttle stops right in front of the jetty), you will have to call the water taxi with the transmitter right at the entrance and wait just a few minutes for its arrival. The water taxi also has a space for oversize baggage. The journey takes more or less 20 minutes, there are various stops, according to the required area. The cost is 12$, 20 for a round trip.


City Water Taxi Call

Becoming (for a day) Senator of the United States of America.

Crazy but true.

I’m talking about the EMK Institute, the so-called “democracy laboratory”, created by President J.F.Kennedy’s brother, Senator Edward Kennedy; he created this to teach the new generations not only the art of politics, but also the history, the public procedures and the historical evolution of the United Stated Senate.


EMK Institute, entrance

IF you wish, thanks to a personal tablet where you will be asked to fill in with your personal data, you will experience an interactive journey to become Senator of an American State of your choice: decide laws, speak in the Senate (a smaller version with audience) speaking freely your motivations, and discuss with the US President himself… all interactive!


EMK, becoming Senator

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute (here you can any information for your visit), is located at Columbia Point, south downtown Boston. You can get there with the red subway line, the stop is JFK/UMass.

From the station, every 20 minutes, a free shuttle passes through the University of Massachussetts Boston Campus and takes you right to EMK and to the near JFK Presidential Library. The unique museum is dedicated to President Kennedy, to his public and private life.


What to see in Boston: EMK, final speech at US Senate

Partecipate to a student Tour of Harvard University.

The “Hahvahd Tour” is a historical, unusual and entertaining tour, organized by university students, that will let you discover unmentionable secrets and the most bizarre and hilarious facts regarding one of America’s most prestigious universities, Harvard, in the town of Cambridge.


The “Hahvahd” Tour, Cambridge

Tours can be booked directly on the website; prices vary according to the different combinations. Basic itineraries last one hour and a half and cost 9,90$.

All tours start from the souvenir kiosk, at the university entrance and next to the Harvard stop of the red line, which arrives directly from downtown Boston.


Harvard University, Cambridge

Going up the Observatory of the Ancient Custom Tower.

The old Custom Tower, dating back to 1920.


The Old Custom Tower

It was reopened to the public after many years and now is a Marriott hotel. This peculiar white stone building, easily recognized thanks to the bell tower and the big clock, offers a spectacular view from its top (150 meters) on downtown Boston, looking towards Massachussetts Bay and Logan airport.

This tower is part of the America’s National Register of Historical Places. It is possible to go the panoramic terrace on the 26th floor from Monday to Thursday at 2pm; you may ask the hotel reception.


View from the Custom Tower

Tasting local food with lobster in a historical location (for less than 20$).

If you love lobster and want to live a real local and low-cost experience, I must advise you to pop along to the picturesque Quincy Market, not far from the Custom Tower. This is an ancient nineteenth century meat and fish market, perfectly restored towards the end of the 70s.


The Quincy Market

Here you can taste, together with a huge variety of international food (a real around-the-world food tour), the authentic Lobster Roll, a delicious roll with lobster and salad and the tasty Boston Chowder, a sort of fishy cream, spending more or less 20$.


Lobster Roll and Boston Chowder

So, take note about what to see in Boston, enjoy and taste my unusual tips!

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