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Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York

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“Do you know when you meet two beautiful eyes that smile at you, and your heart will melt like butter on hot toast??

Well, i feel so when i see a store!”

(“Confessions of a Shopaholic”, Rebecca Bloomwood)


I admit that the words of Becky, the protagonist of the book (and the movie) by Sophie Kinsella, are a bit excessive, but after all she’s a shopping victim who lives in Manhattan… like saying, a bee fall within a big honey jar.

Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York

If you are affected by an obsessive compulsion to buy, investors in search of the deal of the century, lovers of the latest fashion accessories or vintage items, if you look for designer brands, shoes, bags, sportswear at good price or you’re just curious and are planning a trip to New York, then you’re probably on the right track.

Arm yourself with patience, fast eye and comfortable shoes and follow me in this personal and exciting tour (in many times in NYC i will have also learned something, right ??) of shopping, up and down across the streets of Manhattan, and not only!!

The first thing you should know is that in New York on every single piece of clothing under $ 110 do not pay taxes, the same is unfortunately not true for accessories then shoes, bags, belts, glasses, etc..


The Souvenirs

Let’s start from the more classic souvenirs.

It’s really impossible, during the first time in the city, have not the temptation to buy a cute and colorful souvenir of the Big Apple.
If possible, avoid buying them in the attractive shops of Times Square, here everything is more expensive even though your eyes can see already very cheap. You can find the same objects (all, needless to say, made in china) in some stores along 5th Ave and the Broadway, almost always with 30% discount on most.
Specifically at No. 377 of 5th Ave just before the intersection with 35th Street, on the left heading south, you will find I Love Souvenir Gift Shop, handled by two nice guys of asian origin, that sells just about anything at a cost much lower.


 Apparel and Accessories

For what concerns apparel and accessories cheap (remember that in general american brands are much cheaper), i can only recommend Burlington and Nordstrom, the real paradise low cost of famous brands.

Tommy Hilfigher, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Nike, Michael Kors, Levis, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, just to mention the most important, for man, woman and child in various versions, polo shirts, jeans, dresses, sweatshirts , jackets, down jackets, costumes, bags (tons of bags …), underwear, shoes, watches, sunglasses, etc..

From Houston Street heading south along Broadway will find an array of shops selling clothing and it continues with some shops that sell various models of sneakers from $ 30 ( Nike and All Star mostly) and then UGG, Timberland, jeans, jackets, polo (you can try the OMG shops, there are several), bags and clothes of various brands.

OMG shops, New York

OMG shops, New York

If you like quirky and original clothes of emerging designers (who knows, in a few years you may find yourself in the wardrobe a piece of high fashion) then you have to look around in the exhibition spaces of Soho, between Spring and Broome Street, here the showcases are real works of art.

If you are looking fashion designers (i must warn you that here the prices go up considerably) or historical shops like Tiffany’s and the legendary Apple Store with clear glass covers, then you have to turn your attention to the area “high” of 5th Ave , from the New York Public Library to the north.

The 5th Ave

The 5th Ave

Here are some useful addresses, where more than once I found good opportunities.

Dave’s Army Navy Store, at No. 581 of 6th Ave southbound, just before the intersection with 16th Street.

Here you will find a wide selection of Levis, for men and women, roughly about $ 30, in addition to jackets and t-shirts. Ask to Evarist a friendly shop assistant who speaks perfect Italian, he will recommend the best according to new arrivals and to availability.

Dave's, New York

Dave’s, New York

Reno Shoes, a small shoe store on La Guardia Street, just after the junction with the 3rd street on the left, near Washington Square Park. The owner, an old man of chinese origin, has a surprising range of Timberland, UGG and Clarks and it’s more than legitimate to ask for a discount final.

American Apparel Fashion Outlet, at No. 280 Lafayette Street, the most convenient store of the famous chain present in NYC.

If you like clothes simple but trendy, for both men and women, this is the place.

Soho Apple Store, located at 103 Prince Street, right in the heart of Soho.

This shop it’s much less busy than on 5th Ave, there are few tourists and you can ask the staff, observe and try all new products with great tranquility.


Vintage and Flea Markets

Here you will find the most famous Flea Markets of NYC and all the information needed to choose, if you love things like that, what it does for you.

Believe me, there’s something for all tastes.

Hell's Kitchen flea market

Hell’s Kitchen flea market, New York


Premium Outlets

The Premium Outlets are large shopping malls spread across the US, usually outside of the city center, where there are shops (and a large food court, very useful if you decide to spend more than half a day) of brands most prestigious at discounted prices, calculated almost always an additional 40%.

Remember always to ask at information center about the free discount coupon, which will usually give an additional 20%.

The two nearest are the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in New Jersey about an hour and a half from Manhattan (you can reach by car, bus or train and tourist shuttle) and the Tanger Outlet Long Island (accessible by car or bus tourism).


The Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall

This Premium Outlet definitely deserves a separate mention.

Unlike the other, inside you can find, in addition to the usual, brands and designer labels below cost that are rarely found in others.

Some examples?

Michael Kors, Hollister, Abercrombie and the Century 21, as well as a stocked Food Court and a free wifi.

The Mills at the Jersey Gardens is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and is easily reached in about half an hour from New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal, between 42th street and 8th ave, taking the 111 bus that runs every 20 / 25 minutes.

The ticket A / R is $ 13 and can be purchased at the ticket office inside the NJ Transit.

Remember to bring your passport, showing it at the entrance in the visitor center you will be entitled to a rich coupon with more discounts !!

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets


Do not be surprised if you see inside the outlet people walk with trolley cases, it’s usual … no heavy bags and bulky, it’s better use the four wheels of the suitcase, american people are extremely practical.



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